Michael A. Mann
Concept, Design, illustration, Animation.




Client: BC Sports Museum & NGIX

This was a kiosk animation made with NGX interactive for the BC Sports Museum, introducing young athletes to the journey it takes to becoming a great athlete.

Here is a description of the exhibit: 
The Playground to Podium exhibit educates visitors about the BC Sport System and in particular, how the system supports athletes on their journeys from an active start through being active for life. The exhibit is an immersive, playful experience in which visitors walk in the footsteps of BC’s most accomplished athletes - embarking on an inspiring interactive journey from playground to podium. Visitors make choices in a ‘choose your own adventure’ first person game, learning about the life-altering choices athletes must make in their journey and the network of support that guides them along the way. At the end of their journey, the visitor athletes come to realize we are all athletes on our own journey, and are encouraged to make their personal pledge to be active for life, joining a community of athletes.